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Vector Clip Art

Please check out my clipart at where you will find a few hundred new designs in PDF format.
You will find pieces that can be used for brochures, ads, labels, posters, certificates, banners, scrapbooking and much more.
Under the “Vehicle Graphics” category there are designs created for a sign man to be able to change colors, resize and cut to fit your vehicle.  Feel free to contact me at (231) 714-7573 to discuss a special design for your car, truck, van, boat, motorhome, etc.

You will also find some of my designs in EPS format by visiting

Edge flags, feather flags, straight flags, or teardrop flags are the perfect signage solutions for promoting any business, brand and even special events that you may be hosting — concerts, car or trade shows, festivals, openings, company anniversaries, open houses, community events, parades, product launches or basically any outdoor or indoor event.

While we are on the subject of flags you may need custom printed marking flags. The most common sizes are 4” x 5” or 5” x 8”.

Please email me at: or phone (231) 714-7573 to discuss your options.

7 Reasons to Use Stickers to Promote Your Business

Every business owner realizes the importance of marketing to expand their customer base, extend their reach and enhance their overall business potential. But with the myriad of marketing options available, it’s easy to overlook one of the most simple and effective tools available: stickers.

Simple But Effective

That’s right. Believe it or not, stickers have proven to be highly effective methods for spreading the word about a company or product. For decades, stickers have been used successfully to establish brands, build companies, promote products and even elect politicians.

Stickers or decals can be used to give you the edge in advertising. They are an inexpensive way to start conversations and increase exposure for your company. They create long-lasting impressions that literally “stick around” where other methods may be forgotten. And unlike many other forms of advertising that feel like an interruption, stickers provide a low cost, effective way for businesses to improve their marketing efforts.

Benefits of Advertising with Stickers

Here are several reasons why you should consider this powerful, low-cost marketing option for your own business, club, or event.

  1. They can be used everywhere. Stickers are not limited to silly slogans that appear on car bumpers. In fact, promotional stickers of all kinds, shapes and sizes are being used on nearly any personal possession. People are putting stickers on things like water bottles, laptops, cell phones, binders, signs, toolboxes, equipment and much more. Anywhere and everywhere becomes a potential marketing spot for your sticker. And many of these items are carried about on a daily basis, creating a continuous form of mobile exposure for your business.
  2. Improved word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly powerful. In fact, studies have shown that word-of-mouth recommendations are trusted 90% of the time when they come from people we know. Stickers are a super easy way to create additional opportunities for personal discussion and to leverage word-of-mouth advertising to even greater advantage.
  3. A welcome “gift.” When stickers are given out (or even mailed), they have a higher perceived value than other promotional methods. Sticker are often viewed more as a gift than as “advertising,” give them a more positive influence. Also people tend to keep stickers longer than other forms of promotional advertising, giving you more value for your advertising dollar.
  4. Better packaging. If you do business online, ship products, or even when you mail invoices, stickers can silently promote your business. Using colorful or clever stickers on packages, you can enhance marketing potential and take advantage of another opportunity to get your business or product name in front of people.
  5. Inexpensive branding. Stickers are an inexpensive way to brand products and serviced equipment. Take the initiative to spread your message in a tasteful and effective way by applying stickers to items whenever possible.
  6. Compliment other marketing efforts. Stickers don’t have to be used as a stand-alone effort. Exchange free stickers for email addresses to help build an online marketing database. Express opinions and start online conversations in social media by giving away stickers to engage fans and customers. Improve the open rate of direct mail campaigns using stickers. Successful or interesting sticker campaigns can generate excellent PR for your company.
  7. Get paid to advertise. Most businesses choose to use stickers as free give away promotional items or something similar. But some have successfully offered unique stickers for sale, allowing them to make a profit while continuing to benefit from the advertising. Of course, stickers offered for sale typically need something more than just a company name, but the possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t want to get paid to advertise their own company?

Plan for Success

The simple power and appeal of stickers is due, in large part, to the fact they are not perceived as advertising at all. When they are displayed, stickers are like personal endorsements or even badges of support for a message, product or organization. Stickers can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond and encourage people to spread the word.

Like any form of marketing or advertising, using stickers to your best advantage requires proper planning, design and execution. Since marketing is ultimately about relationships, it’s important to communicate what makes you unique. Think concretely about what value you offer, who will benefit from your products or services and those who are willing to support you.

Announcing My New Vector Clipart Website!

Forton-Vector-Graphics-LogoAs you might imagine, with over 35 years in the graphic design business, I’ve created literally thousands of unique images, creative designs, and eye-catching graphics for a wide variety of situations. After their initial application, these items were filed away and have been collecting dust in my business archives.

New-Vector-Images-01But I’ve recently launched a website to showcase these designs and to make them available for others to use. Currently there are over 560 images and patterns in a wide variety of categories, with many more to be added in the future. All files are available for immediate download in a vector-based format, which allows you to resize and/or edit the images to best suit your own application.

Now you can take advantage of my countless hours of work by using these images and designs “as is” or to jump-start your own graphics masterpiece.

Please visit Forton Vector Graphics to see the currently available selection.


Tent Calendars

Get your custom designed Tent Calendars for 2015!
Top panel may be used either for business advertisement to give to customers, family photos to give to family and friends, or any art you want on each page.  Calendar size is 5” w x 7” t x 3” d
10-100 calendars @ $5.00 each • 101-200 calendars @ $4.50 each • 201 or more calendars @ $4.00 each
There is a $40.00 set up fee.  If ordering more then 100 calendars, set up is free.
There may be an additional fee if I need to custom design art for each page.

Calendar LogoCalendar PhotoCalendar Art

Poster Calendars

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Richard Forton.  I have been a graphic designer in Traverse City since 1983.  For the last couple of years I have done a calendar with photos of the children at a day care center to be given to each child.  This makes a wonderful Christmas gift.  You would need to supply me with the photos, preferably digital and I could design the calendar.  It could be either a different one for each child with 1 or 2 group pictures and the rest of themselves or the same calendar for each child with all the kids on it.
 I can print them on 100 lb. gloss card stock in full color.
 The cost is $50.00 for design and $2.50 per print for 11 x 17 or 12 x 18.  The design fee is $75.00 if each child’s calendar is different.
 The calendar can be placed at the bottom, the top or in the middle.
 You may include your business logo.  Once I have your photos, etc. it may take 3-5 days to complete.
 The same idea could be used for a family calendar to send friends or relatives.
 Also, if you are interested, I can do custom designed Christmas cards and many other types of cards.
 So feel free to call with any questions or visit my website at: for this and many other services.

In the sample the black area is where the photographs or graphics would go.

Dimar Calendar Poster 2015

Branding and Logo Design

I have been a graphic designer since 1983 and I have written this ebook to help you understand the importance of branding and logo design.  Feel free to go to my “Home Page” to download the book for free.

image description

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