Decals & Labels

Decals, labels or stickers are everywhere: cars, signs, windows, equipment, you name it. There are many different types, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Simple one-color paper decals, to single-color or multi-color vinyl decals, to bubble decals, to static cling. Also, consider mailing labels or identification labels. Any one of these can be a big help in your branding.

Some companies use stickers with their logo incorporated into different designs and different sizes to give away when someone purchases a product. People tend to stick them on all sorts of things and sometimes even photograph them and put them on Facebook. What a great way to get cheap advertisement. If the stickers become popular enough, you could decide to sell them on your website or in your store.

The different ways you could use stickers is only limited by your imagination. They can be simple or colorful. They can also be just cut as a rectangle or oval or they can be die-cut to any shape.

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