Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are used in many different ways and designs. A simple 9” x 12” or 4” x 9” folder are still the most common formats. But something that is becoming popular is folders that are different sizes and even die-cut folders with multiple folds for a real unique presentation. Some are done with different shapes and can even be folded to be a self mailer.

Folders can vary from a simple one color on a 9” x 12” white gloss to a custom cut piece printed full color with different embellishments such as foiling, interesting textures and more. Also, the printed materials put into a folder can be either cut all the same size or cut in steps so that the title of each piece can be seen.

So whether you want to stay with the traditional size and style or do something elaborate, a presentation folder can be a very useful piece in your branding. They can be used as handouts at trade shows to let people know all about your business. They can also be used as mailers for the same reason. A well crafted folder that provides additional information is a great leave behind with potential clients after making a digital presentation.

Businesses that have a lot of information to share are the most likely to need presentation folders. Examples are: hospitals giving necessary information to patients, accountants giving their clients tax info, and the list goes on. Printers may use very elaborate folders to show some of the quality of work they do along with listing their services.

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