Promotional Products

Some of the many promotional products are mugs, pens, calendars, key chains, tote bags, backpacks, flash drives, lanyards, golf balls, umbrellas, flying discs, water bottles, beach balls, caps, card decks, cooler bags, folding chairs and much more. They can be used as trade show give-aways, employee rewards, raffles etc.

The type of business you have and the purpose for the promotional product will help determine what product to use. At a trade show you may want a few different hand-outs, but than you might want a folding chair or a nice umbrella for a a door prize.

We understand that mugs, pens and calendars have been the most used promotional products over the years, but don’t be afraid to try other things that people rarely see. The trick is to give someone a product that they will use and others will see.

Also, it is a good idea to find a product where your logo will fit nicely on it and a product that somehow relates to your type of business, if possible. In some cases a water bottle, stainless steel mug or tumbler may be better than a plain coffee mug because the person will be more likely to take it with them and others will see it.

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