Signs & Banners

A well done sign or banner should reflect your company’s image and it should be legible and easy to remember. If done correctly it can give people a caring impression. Banners can also be used to promote specials, announce coming events or for trade show booths.

A sign or banner can be from a simple black and white to a two color to a full color piece. Usually color attracts more attention, but a black and white, if done properly, can be very effective. Just as with the logo design, the colors and style of the banner need to fit the type of business you have. For example, bright colors with a flower pattern probably would not work for a builder or lawyer, etc. or black and gold three dimensional art for a flower shop or dress shop. The banner design should fit the image you want your business to portray.

A well designed, easy to read logo used to make an attractive sign or banner may help possible clients find you or understand what your services or products are.

Also, there are different materials used in the construction of signs. Examples are: wood or foam sandblasted or painted, aluminum or plastic with vinyl art, individual cut out letters, or even a combination of styles. The style of sign used should be determined by your type of business and somewhat by your budget.

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